Best Free Walking Tours Around The World

The Best Free Walking Tours Around the World

Take Advantage of this comprehensive list of Free Tours around the workld and support the free tours community.

Free Walking tours Thessaloniki

By The Honest Explorer

In this post you will find the most updated list of free tours around the world. Before we begin a big thank you to the good people of the Free Tour of Sofia for putting this list together back in 2013. Here, you will find the most updated version with all the backlinks fixed. In the coming weeks, we intend to expand this list to include ALL the Free Tours Around the world and we will even add a comprehensive list to highligh the best among them. To make your lifes easier, you may press ctrl + F on your keyboard to open the search bar. Enter the name of the city you looking for and find the Free Tour of any particular city. Without any further ado, Let’s begin.

List of Free Tours Around the World in 2021

THE BEST 5 Free Walking Tours in Thessaloniki

THE BEST 5 Free Walking Tours in Thessaloniki

Stop wondering around aimlessly. These 5 Free Walking Tours will make you feel like a true local in no time. 

By The Honest Explorer

The Roman and Jewish Quarter -
City Center Walking Tour in Small Groups

Explore the Historical city center of Thessaloniki in 2 hours. Learn about the days of the Roman Glory in the first half. Immerse yourself in a storytelling narrating the Jewish Tragedy and the extermination of the local Jewish community during WWII. Find out all there is to know about the modern life of a local in the co-capital of Greece and take a taste of the city of sweets.

What to Expect to see:

Roman monuments

  • Rotonda
  • Arch of Galerius
  • Hippodrome
  • Palace of Galerius

Street Markets

  • Athonos market
  • Kapani market
  • Modiano market
  • Flower market  

Jewish Monuments

  • Rogos district
  • Aristotle square
  • Yad Lezicaron (synagogue)
  • Holocaust monument


  • Ladadika (Upper and low)
  • Port of Thessaloniki

Once Upon a Time- The Upper Town Walk
Myths Legend Secrets await to be discovered

Are you the kind of traveller who loves to know the heart and soul of a city you visit but hate boring dates and historical facts? Then this tour is ideal for you! During this walk and listen to funny and entertaining local myths and legends.Furthermore, you will get a fair understanding of Thessaloniki’s long and complicated history. Lastly, you will enjoy astonishing views from the city’s most picturesque part – the upper town.

What to Expect to see:


  • Aristotle square
  • Bey Hamam
  • Roman Forum
  • Church of Saint Dimitrios
  • Church of Profitis Ilias
  • Musa Baba teke
  • Osios David Church
  • Vlatadon Monastery
  • Trigonio Tower
  • Pasha Gardens
  • Kemal Ataturk House

Let's Review -
The Most Delicious Food Tour of Thessaloniki

Over the past 5 years we have shown around the city more than 15.000 people and everyday we get the same question: Can you recommend a nice place to eat? This summer we are committed to creating the ultimate food-list for Thessaloniki and you can be part of the process. 

This is the most delicious activity in Thessaloniki and an opportunity to become a professional reviewer for a day. Let’s discover together the Gastronomical Capital of Greece and let’s taste the true local delicacies one place at a time.


  • Monday: Mama’s food  – (Explore the traditional recipes we taste in our houses)
  • Tuesday: To Fish or not to Fish  – (Explore the local seafood delicacies) 
  • Wednesday: Meat Free – (Explore the vegetarian, vegan,       pescatarian options in the city)
  • Thursday :  Meze time – (Explore the local tapas i.e. the local’s favourite way to eat)
  • Friday: Dirty Fridays – (Explore the local street food)
  • Saturday: Highly Rated – (Explore the highest rated pick of the week) 

Walking with the GODS-
The Mythological Walk of Thessaloniki

This walk is an interactive performance for romantics! Once Upon a Time is a narration of myths and legends that reflect the beliefs and culture of a people who gave human-like characteristics to divinity. 

These Gods were not perfect – not by a long shot. They were living actively , singing, dancing, falling in love, hating and cheating one another. In turn, they fall victims of their pride and vices, but they nevertheless inspired the old Greeks to become better both individually and as a whole.

Top Free Things to do in Thessaloniki

Top Free Things to do in Thessaloniki

Free Walks Thessaloniki

The Honest Explorer

1. The House of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

One of the coolest and FREE things to do in Thessaloniki is to visit the birthplace of the founder of modern Turkey – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Currently serving as the Turkish consulate and a museum, it is open to visitors free of charge. Decorated with (some of) the original furniture, waxed statues of Kemal and of his mother and, if the story is to be believed, the pomegranate his father planted in the yard. 

Top 10 museums to visit in Thessaloniki:

2. Bey Hamam

Constructed only 14 years after the Conquest of Thessaloniki by the Ottomans in 1430, this iconic Hamam, recently, opened its doors again. Get this great opportunity and visit the oldest Hamam in Thessaloniki while it is still entrance free. In the enterior you will find a very nice exhibition narrating the story of the construction of the central square of Thessaloniki – Aristotle Square.

3. The Crypt in Saint Dimitrios Church

Inside the church of the patron saint of Thessaloniki you will find one of the must-see things in Thessaloniki. Take the steps down by the altar and see the remnants of the former roman bath upon which the church of Dimitrios was built. 

4. The Vision of Ezekiel

Hard to reach but rewarding. This is something that you can’t possibly miss. On the dome of the Church of Osios David in the upper town of Thessaloniki you will find a stunning fresco depicting the end of days – the Apocalypse. This hidden treasure of Thessaloniki awaits to be discovered and adored. 

What is a Free Walking Tour?

What is a Free Walking Tour?

The most common question about the Free Walking Tours: Are they really Free?

By The Honest Explorer

The Original

Let’s start from the beginning. The First Free Walking tour started in Berlin in 2004. Thus,  the aforementioned tour is called “The Original!”.  The basic idea is to offer a service for free and upon completion the participants can choose to tip their guide according to their satisfaction. 

Moreover, due to the nature of these activities, do first – pay later, the quality of the free walking tours tends to be considerably higher in comparison to the traditional “pay first tours”. 

Trip Advisor Review

“We did the Roman and Jewish Quarters – City Centre Walk
Yannis was such an excellent guide that showed us around both, the heritage and modern side of the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. He combined interesting and well-told historical stories about the city from Alexander the Great up until recent history of the city (current architecture) with tips and recommendations about where to eat (he showed us the best spot for the typical sweet dish Trigona) and drink and what to see during our time here – he was very knowledgeable not only concerning history but also modern culture.”

My First Free Walking Experience

My introduction to the Free Tours community was in Barcelona, Spain. There was a board in the hostel I was staying advertising a local Free Walking Tour and to be honest when I first looked at it I was hesitant to believe it. How can a tour be for Free and if it is for free indeed it certainly isn’t good enough, right?

Oh my goodness! Little did I know that I would soon become a free walking tour addict and that from then on I would start every trip with a free tour. The guide was excellent, the stories captivating and the atmosphere friendly and familiar. During said tour I met what turned out to be my co-traveler for the next week and this experience changed my perspective on tours altogether.  

Should you join a Free Tour?


YES! Absolutely, unequivalently, YES! There is, in my opinion, no better way to start your trip and no better way to get a fair understanding of the destination’s history, culture, and overall orientation of the city but with a Free Tour. 

Second! A free walking tour is the best way to meet and interact with other travelers especially if you are traveling solo. And Third, a free walking tour is the best way to get a local’s perspective as the guides are independent and do not depend on the opinion given by whatever ministry of tourism in any given country.  


Our team

Explore Thessaloniki  (Explore Free Tours on trip advisor) is a non profit org committed to promote the history and culture of Thessaloniki to every traveler and set you up for a truly local experience. Check our free walking activities and drop a text to look for availability. 

Walking Tours in Thessaloniki (Self Guided)


You 've just arrived in Thessaloniki and you are completely clueless on what to do
Nothing to worry about
Find bellow three waliking routes that will allow you to explore Thessaloniki in no-time

NOTE: This is a quick outline of the route
Click on the Links to find out more
The honest explorer

– City Center Walk –

Start at the rotonda

Start your walk at the Rotonda. If the White tower is the most recognizable monument in the city, then the Rotonda is, probably, the most important one

– The Upper Town Walk –

Start at aristotle square

Explore The Upper Town in 10 stops. Use our stories to keep you company along the way.

Alternative Seaside Walk

Start at aristotle square

Explore The Upper Town in 10 stops. Use our stories to keep you company along the way.