Thessaloniki Short Stories

The honest explorer

Three years ago I embarked on a journey to explore my hometown Thessaloniki. In this blog I will be sharing all I’ve learnt. The hidden stories, the myths and legends. This blog will also include recommendations for everything you can think off – from coffee places to car rentals. All that there is to know about Thessaloniki you will find it here, As the title suggests, I, too, am a fellow explorer with 34 countries in my resume and counting. Let me make your trip an amazing experience. Best regards,

The Honest Explorer

“Charming, Historic and Full of Mysteries.”

Follow my stories to transform your visit into an amazing experience
History Explainers, Minute-Stories, Biographies in a Nutshell and more . . .
The Honest Explorer
First-Person Experience

Custom-made routes to follow in Thessaloniki to not miss anything while making the best out of your time. 

Mini Explainer

Who was this guy Galerius ? 

In a Nutshell

The first Homo Universalis 


The Caryatids of Thessaloniki

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