Upper Town Walking Route


You 've just arrived in Thessaloniki and you are completely clueless on what to do
Nothing to worry about
Find bellow three waliking routes that will allow you to explore Thessaloniki in no-time

NOTE: This is a quick outline of the route
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 Upper Town Walking Route

01 - Aristotle Square

Start your walk in Aristorle square. The heart of the city center in Thessaloniki. Before you begin, touch the golden toe of Aristotle . . . The legend has it that it brings you good luck!

02 - Venizelos statue

You have walked about 400 meter North. Right in front of you is the statue of Eleutherios Venizelos.  Without him, Thessaloniki would, most likely, be part of Bulgaria. 

03 - Roman agora

Keep on moving North. In front of you, you will find the largest archaological site of Thessaloniki. The Roman Agora. Take a moment and travel back in time with your imagination. 

04 - St. Dimitrios Church

The house of the Patron Saint of Thessaloniki. Get inside and admire the temple. Don’t leave before you explore the crypt of St. Dimitrios. 

05 - Musa Baba turbe

Guys, well done! You are half way to the highest part of this root. In front of you is the turbe of a holy muslim man – Musa baba.

06 - Osios David church

Your efforts were not in vain. From here you can finally start enjoying the beautiful view of the Upper Town. Go inside the Church of Osios David. At the dome of this temple is the most well kept secret of Thessaloniki – The vision of the Apocalypse.

07 -vlatadon monastery

This is one one the nicest spots in the city to witness the stunning sunset of Thessaloniki. Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy.

08 - Trigonio tower

You DID IT! You have arrived at the highest point in this route. Admire the twin brother of the White Tower and enjoy the view. 

Who is this guy Galerius?

09 - Pasha's gardens

If you like the conspiracy theories. If you like spirituality and mystisism. If you ike small cozy parks then you are in luck because the Pasha Garden has it all. 

10 - kemal ataturk house

This is the house that a legendary political figure of the 20th century grew up. The House of the founder of Turkey – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

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