Terms & Conditions

Explore, Culture, Arts and Entertainment is a non profit organization which aims to promote the history, gastronomy, arts and culture of Greece and to this end organizes activities and events for its members and friends. You, hereby, comply to the terms and conditions of the organization and agree to become friends of the organization thereby becoming able to participate in our activities and enjoy the benefits we offer. As friends of the organization you are not bound to it in any way and you have no responsibilities toward it. It is up to you to decide to support the organization via donations or promote our activities to your social media. Explore Thessaloniki will do the best in its ability to guarantee your safety yet we are in no way liable for your safety as you agree to participate in our activities at your own risk

Your personal data are collected with your own consent and according to the terms and conditions regulated by the GDPR legislation. The collection and use of these data have the sole purpose to inform the members and friends of our organization regarding upcoming activities and events. Explore Culture Arts and Entertainment pledge to the principles of confidentiality and commits  to not share or reveal this information to any third parties.