Top Free Things to do in Thessaloniki

Top Free Things to do in Thessaloniki

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1. The House of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

One of the coolest and FREE things to do in Thessaloniki is to visit the birthplace of the founder of modern Turkey – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Currently serving as the Turkish consulate and a museum, it is open to visitors free of charge. Decorated with (some of) the original furniture, waxed statues of Kemal and of his mother and, if the story is to be believed, the pomegranate his father planted in the yard. 

Top 10 museums to visit in Thessaloniki:

2. Bey Hamam

Constructed only 14 years after the Conquest of Thessaloniki by the Ottomans in 1430, this iconic Hamam, recently, opened its doors again. Get this great opportunity and visit the oldest Hamam in Thessaloniki while it is still entrance free. In the enterior you will find a very nice exhibition narrating the story of the construction of the central square of Thessaloniki – Aristotle Square.

3. The Crypt in Saint Dimitrios Church

Inside the church of the patron saint of Thessaloniki you will find one of the must-see things in Thessaloniki. Take the steps down by the altar and see the remnants of the former roman bath upon which the church of Dimitrios was built. 

4. The Vision of Ezekiel

Hard to reach but rewarding. This is something that you can’t possibly miss. On the dome of the Church of Osios David in the upper town of Thessaloniki you will find a stunning fresco depicting the end of days – the Apocalypse. This hidden treasure of Thessaloniki awaits to be discovered and adored.